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Managing Director

The Head of the team is Dee (Doné) Phillips. She has had extensive business training and many years wide ranging experience. Dee has been featured as an opinion leader in various media and is recognised as a leader in her field.
Dee is very client focused and places strong emphasis on integrity and service. Her management style is fair but demanding and she believes that there can be no compromise on performance.
Dee is a woman with vision and her introduction of the web-based interactive recruitment center is just one example of this.
Dee has over 13 years’ experience in the recruitment and HR industries.
Dee is a result driven individual, who strives to assist clients and candidates to reach their objectives, goals and dreams. She is noted for her careful attention given to each vacancy secured from her clients, and her exceptional ability to match the position with the best


She has been featured as an opinion leader in various media articles, with the most recent being:An article on YOUTH EMPLOYMENT for the YOU / HUISGENOOT MAGAZINE, May 2012

With strong emphasis on integrity and client service, our dynamic & professional team has extensive experience in the full HR / Recruitment spectrum to assist in every aspect of HR and Recruitment that is why she opened SM Placements.

SM Placements takes into account the prevailing corporate culture within the organisation as it is vital to match the personality of the individual to the “personality” of the company keeping in mind job requirements & criteria are being met. Mismatches between the individual and the employer can provide various issues for both parties involved. It is important to realize the costs and effects of a miss-hire go beyond analyzing lost opportunities and wasted interviewing and training time.

She has recently opened a Non Profit – SM Community Outreach Programme

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